The Blue Door


Notting Hill Movie

William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is a bookshop owner living in Notting Hill and his life is turned upside down when he meets Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) who is a famous Hollywood star.


The Blue Door – (William Thacker’s Flat)

280 Westbourne Park Road is the address where you'll find the famous ‘blue door’ from Notting Hill movie which was made in 1999.

This blue door was very popular and fans used to come and write their name on it but the original was removed and sold at auction at Christie's. New house owners did not like the attention which came with this famous location so they fit a black door in. Several years later, house got sold again and door was restored to their original blue glory.

The property is now worth millions and is actually a converted chapel with big windows and impressive church features. You are not able to see any of this from the street but you can snap a quick photograph in front of the new blue door.


The Travel Book shop

The Travel Book Shop is another famous location which should be on your list when walking around Notting Hill.  The shop at 142 Portobello Road was the location for Travel Book Shop in the movie but disappointingly there has never been a bookshop there. It started as Nicholls Antique Arcade, then a furniture store called Gong, and currently there is a gift shop. The movie sign for ‘The Travel Book Shop’ has remained on the building since filming took place back in 1998. 

However, there is a real Travel Bookshop nearby (13 Blenheim Crescent), which you can get to by turning back down Portobello Road, walking past Elgin Crescent and making a left on Blenheim Crescent. The Travel Bookshop sadly closed its doors in 2011 but has since reopened and renamed itself as the Notting Hill Bookshop.